Friday, 1 April 2011

Terrible Blogger

Well  it's confession time - what am I like such a terrible blogger it has been over a month since my last post oops 
Since I last blogged I have done my first fair of the year , it wasn't a great success sales wise but I met some fab people some of whom I speak to on forums and face book . So a big Clasibag blog HELLO to
Vickie from  who makes the most gorgeous lampwork beads and is a mad as a hatter
Caroline from her leather jewellery is out of this world 
Anita from who makes such beautiful jewellery
Wendy from her creations are fabulous and my hubbie bought me a little plaque for my craft room door ( ok it's the 2nd bedroom but I have taken it over with my craft things! )
and the lovely Kate from who makes the most wonderful items of clothing from recycled fabric


  1. Lovely to meet you at the fair and thank you for the lovely mention here in your blog! I'm glad you liked your craft room door plaque - I think mnay craft rooms are actually spare bedrooms which have been taken over! :-)

  2. Aww thanks Claire, was great to see you again too :) My craft room is the back of my own bedroom! Not sure what happened there!! :)