Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Tuesday Ramble

I sat looking on the net and reading other blogs and it got me thinking why don't I blog more??  Is it a time issue or is it because I don't have much to say? To be honest it's most likely to be a bit of both as I don't really say very much anyway , I am quite quiet and shy ( good job I married someone who can talk for England lol) 
So I thought I would just explain how I took up knitting my bags... I have always loved making things and a few years ago I was diagnosed with depression, I cut my hours down at work as the travelling was a large part of the problem ( I have since found a job closer to home) so I wanted to find something I could do on my days off. I first took up making greeting cards , started to sell them at craft fairs and at one of these fairs I met someone who made jewellery, now I have always loved earrings so I thought I would have a go , so gave up my card making and started making jewellery. I sold quite alot to friends and did some craft fairs but found the fairs were always oversubscribed with jewellery so didn't have a great deal of success.  Whilst making my jewellery I discovered lampwork beads and fell in love. For my 40th birthday I bought a basic set up to make these beads  and although I wasn't very good I loved it. I then progressed to a proper setup with a big girls torch, oxycon and a kiln . I started selling my beads online and even won a competition with one of them ( only the newbie section I hasten to add lol) Unfortunatly after 18 months I made the decision to sell my equipment, I needed more time to practice  which I didn't have plus torching in my front room was not ideal so with heavy heart I said goodbye to lampworking ( or as someone said I am now a resting lampworker) so now I was without a craft , what could I do? I used to knit alot many years ago and when I spotted a kit for making a fluffy scarf I bought it and I was hooked again!  I then spotted a knitted bag in a magazine and thought why don't I have a go at making something like that and the rest as they say is history ... and so ends the Tuesday ramble 
Have a good day everyone x

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  1. Just spotted this post Claire. Really interesting to hear about your crafty path!